The baton team is lucky to be able to practice at the Mount Pleasant gym. You do not need to be a student at Mt. Pleasant to be a baton twirler.

Please do not call the school with questions about baton.

COACH: Katy Anholt

Phone/text: 503-341-9569

If you have any concerns, we will get back to you with a phone call or an email. It may be challenging to have an in-depth conversation with the coach at the beginning or ending of a class, but she will respond as quickly as possible. Note that if you leave a message on a school day when she is teaching, she may not be able to reply to you until after baton classes are finished.

HELPER: Debbie Anholt

Phone/text: 503-522-6367

Debbie is the alternate contact for the FantastiX baton twirlers.

Check this website for news.