Equipment and Costumes

Twirlers are expected to bring their gear back and forth to class each week. Helping your children remember to do this is important for their success on the team. In addition, over time this helps children learn to be responsible for themselves and their activities. Twirlers are not excused from bringing their own gear by saying, "My mom forgot to pack it."


Twirlers on the team need to buy a "real" baton when they join the team. You can buy one from the coach for $30. If you buy one elsewhere, be sure you buy the right size and style.


All team members must wear their team practice outfits to every class. Taking pride in the team's uniform creates a positive learning environment and team spirit. In addition, twirlers can focus on their baton twirling better without the distractions of inappropriate attire. As soon as school is out, team members should change quickly and come into the gym. Or, they can wear their uniform to school all day!


Boys and girls should remove all jewelry and watches before class.

For class, long hair must be pulled back in a neat ponytail. These hair and jewelry requirements are for safety and ease of learning. They are non-negotiable.


Your team fees include borrowed shoes, and they must be returned at the end of the season. These have special soles and are best for twirling. If you would like to purchase your own pair, talk to the coach.

BATON GEAR (a bag, grooming materials, etc.):

As explained above, twirlers are responsible for bringing their own gear each week. This includes their baton, their shoes, their team outfit, and a hairbrush and hair supplies for fixing their hair. Some twirlers buy a baton bag, which is entirely optional.


Team members may bring a quick after-school snack. We'll have a short break (about 5 minutes) at 3:20, between classes.


Costumes are provided as part of the dues. They travel with the coach to the events. Some twirlers like to wear their own nude dance tights (not shimmery), but bare legs are acceptable for performances. Nude tights may be purchased from the coach or at a dance supply store. You can buy nude footed dance tights.