Performances and Competitions


Being a member of the team brings many rewards, including a focus on performance skills as well as elaborate costuming. The FantastiX team will have many performances throughout the year to share the sport of baton.

The performances are an important part of your commitment to the team. When the team is learning a routine, each twirler gets a specific spot, and the rest of the team expects the other twirlers to be there in their spots. It is challenging for the other twirlers to adapt the routine to cover the missing twirler. Children who are very busy with other sports and other activities may decide to participate in only the beginner class if they will not be able to attend the all performances. The six Saturday competitions are the most essential.


All pieces of the team costumes except tights (for girls) will be provided. These remain property of the coach and must be returned.


For girls, their hair for performances must be in a slicked-back bun with no bangs and no wispies. Look at this picture for examples of good "baton buns." For boys, short hair must be combed off their face, using gel if necessary to keep the hair out off the forehead. Long hair must be secured with clips or as a bun.


  • Holiday performance at Mt. Pleasant School (December)
  • Holiday performance in Portland
  • 6 baton competitions in Oregon and Washington, on 6 Saturdays from February to May. Check the dates!
  • Camas Days Parade on a Saturday late in July

We sometimes join the Portland twirlers in holiday shows at nursing homes. Sharing our love of baton with the community is always fun, and deciding to spend a day of a winter break visiting nursing homes is yet another step in character development.