Team Costs


Like for any youth sport, parents need to know the financial commitment:

  • Annual Fees
  • Contest Entries
  • USTA Membership
  • Required Personal Supplies
  • Optional Supples

ANNUAL FEES 2019-2020:

The annual fee (dues) for being on the team will be determined in the fall when we see how many twirlers join. The fees must cover the costs incurred by the coach: team entry fees, music costs, team costume expenses, and so on. The annual cost is per year, but may be paid in monthly installments with a discount for early payment. Twirlers who join in November or December still pay the annual fee.

7 or more team members: 8 monthly payments of $20, or 1 payment of $150 if paid in full by Nov. 15.

5-6 team members: 8 monthly payments of $22, or 1 payment of $165 if paid in full by Nov. 15.

3-4 team members: 8 monthly payments of $25, or 1 payment of $180 if paid in full by Nov. 15.

2 or fewer members: (we need to talk)


The team travels to 6 competitions each year. Team entry fees are paid by the coach. Twirlers also enter individual events at these competitions (most choose to do so), and the cost for an individual contest entry is approximately $25-40 per contest for beginners depending on level of participation, paid by the parents. Parents drive (or carpool) their children to the contests.


It is required that twirlers join the United States Twirling Association. The USTA provides insurance for twirlers, coaches, and contest providers. It also oversees training of coaches and judges so that the highest standards of the sport are consistently met throughout the country. Membership is $35/year.


During team practice time (Tuesdays, 3:20-4:30), twirlers work on skills that the coach choreographs into a team routine. In addition, twirlers learn foundation events and an exhibition solo. Over the years, as twirlers advance in their skills, they may add more events (2-baton, dance twirl, etc.) to their repertoire. The extra instructional time with the coach for these events will be paid by the parents. This does not apply to "first-year team" members, as they are still working on their foundation events and exhibition solo.


These include hair bands, gel, hair nets, bobby pins, lipstick and safety pins. Twirlers must have a supply of these and replenish them as needed. These are purchased by parents.


Girls may want to also buy nude tights and a nude leotard to wear under their costumes (optional). Boys may want to wear a biketard under their costumes (optional). These are purchased by parents. Baton bags are useful, but also optional. Baton shoes are provided by the coach, but some twirlers prefer to buy their own.