FantastiX Baton Team

The difference between the "Club" and the "Team" is that the CLUB is for recreational twirlers. The TEAM is for twirlers who have decided that baton is "their sport" and they are willing to commit more time and effort to their sport. TEAM parents also commit to more expenses and attending more events.

The FantastiX Baton Team is a fun team sport for twirlers who love baton.

In addition to developing the baton skills and technique, there are many benefits to the children when they participate in a sport like baton. The coach encourages team camaraderie and good sportsmanship. Twirlers learn to accept direction and correction with respect. At the contests, winning is fun, but learning to lose gracefully is so important. Twirlers appreciate the satisfaction of giving their best effort individually and with their team members.

Commitment! Joining the team means that the twirlers are making a commitment to their team members and coach. It's not easy to have to skip a birthday party on the day of a contest, or to practice regularly when you'd rather watch TV, but that's what commitment means.

Here are the expectations of team members:

  • Bring your baton, uniform, shoes, and hair supplies to each class.
  • Be enthusiastic and be a good sport.
  • Practice at home.
  • Listen when the coach talks.
  • Be friends with all team members.
  • Attend all team performances and contests.