FantastiX Baton Club

The difference between the "Club" and the "Team" is that the CLUB is for recreational twirlers. The TEAM is for twirlers who have decided that baton is "their sport" and they are willing to commit more time and effort to their sport. TEAM parents also commit to more events and expenses.

The FantastiX coach offers a FREE 30-minute weekly beginner class ("Club") on Tuesdays after school. The location is Mt. Pleasant School, just east of Washougal, Washington, but the twirlers do not need to be students at the school. The club i invited to perform with the FantastiX Baton Team at a few performances each year and the Camas Days Parade.

BOYS and GIRLS are welcome!


2:45-3:20, Tuesdays after school.


The coach has a set of batons that the twirlers may borrow for class; however, they may not take them home. If you want a baton for practicing at home, you might find a toy baton at a toy store. You can also buy a "real baton" from the coach for $30. If you want to buy a real baton elsewhere, be sure it is the correct length and style.


For class, clothes should be snug, not baggy, so that you don't snag them when you're twirling. Leggings, tight T-shirts, leotards, etc., are all good choices. Not recommended: hoodies, baggy sweaters, dresses, skirts, flip-flops, or boots.


Boys and girls should remove all jewelry and watches before class.

For class, long hair (girls and boys) should be pulled back in a ponytail. For twirlers who like to wear their hair down during the school day, you can send them with a hairband so it can be pulled back for class.

These hair and jewelry requirements are for safety and ease of learning and are non-negotiable.

For performances and contests, girls MUST have their hair in a slicked back bun with no wispies. This applies to boys with long hair, too. For very short hair, use gel to slick back the hair off their forehead. Look for more details before each performance.

Videos for a "baton bun" here:


The price for the weekly classes is FREE. The two performances at the school (December and June) are also free. There is a $15 performance fee for two performances in Portland (March and April), which covers costs incurred by the coach, including music, costumes and entry fees.


Boys and girls who decide that baton is their sport are invited to join the competitive team! Read the information on this website and talk to the coach about costs and higher expectations.